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Chapter 30: Dronacharya - Teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas

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Drona approached Parashurama for training the martial arts and to become a great warrior. Parasurama accepted to became his guru. He teaches the Drona to use all the weapons including the powerful Brahmastra. With Parasurama's knowledge, Drona became an acharya and got the name, Dronacharya. Drona then went to Hastina-puri with the intention of becoming teacher for kuru’s princes and then to use them against Drupada.

One day he saw a number of young boys, the Kauravas and Pandavas, gathered and trying to retrieve a ball from a well. Drona decided to help the princes. Drona first threw in a ring of his, collected some blades of grass, and uttered mystical Vedic chants. The blades pierced the ball like a pin. He once again threw another blade of grass, this time the grass blade pierced the first blade of glass. Then he threw a third blade of grass which pierced the second blade of glass. Likewise he did the same to become a chain of grass and finally pulled the grass blade along with the ball and the ring.

Excited boys took Dronacharya to the city and reported this incident to Bhishma. Bhishma then decided to appoint him as the royal tutor for the Kuru Princes, Kauravas and Pandavas. Kripa was happy to hand over the tutorship to Drona, his brother-in-law. But Drona made a condition as fee for his tutoring that he will use the kuru princes’ knowledge to capture Drupada, king of Panchala. The Kuru princes accepted the condition. Drona soon started his tutorship to both Kauravas and Pandavas.

Soon from Pandava side, Yudhishtira became skilled with spear, Arjuna skilled with bow and arrow, Bhima skilled with mace, Nakula and Sahadeva with the sword. From Kaurava side, Duryodhana and Dusshasana became skilled with mace and others with spear and sword. In due course, the Kauravas and Pandavas were well versed in the martial arts. The Kuru princes decided to pay the fees for the Guru. They attacked the Panchala Kingdom and conquered the half of his kingdom towards north. Pandavas, headed by Arjuna captured Drupada and took him straight to Drona. Drona accepted the panchala’s half kingdom from the kuru princes as fee towards his tutorship. He then turned to Drupada and said that now both of them are equal with northern part of panchala kingdom belongs to Drona and southern part of panchala kingdom to Drupada. Now the Drupada accepted his friendship with Drona, since both of them are equal. But Drupada’s heart is full of vengeance and he never expresses this towards Drona. 

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