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Chapter 31: Arjuna, the greatest archer

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There were several skills, that Dronacharya was unwilling to educate the Kuru princes. But he kept these martial arts to teach his son, Ashwatthama. Arjuna noticed this. So he followed his guru wherever he went along with his son. Arjuna tried to study these secret lessons from Guru, once when he taught it to his son.

One day, while dipping in the stream, a crocodile caught hold of Dronacharya’s foot. Arjuna saw this and he immediately raised his bow and released an arrow that hit the crocodile and thus saved his guru. Drona who was annoyed by Arjuna’s persistence becomes happy with his incident. Drona noticed all the qualities of Arjuna to become a good student with determination, willpower, hard work and focus. So he decided to make Arjuna, the greatest archer in the world.

One night, the breeze blew out all the lamp lights in Drona’s academy. At that time Arjuna was eating food. He found that without the light, hand with food find its way to his mouth. He then thought that, if the hand with food finds its way to mouth, then he can also sent an arrow to its target without the presence of light. He then started practicing archery without the presence of light. To the amazement of his guru Drona, Arjuna developed the talent of firing the arrows into the target without light. Thus Arjuna got the name, 'Gudakesha’ which means one who conquered sleep.

Arjuna also got the name Sabyasachi, since he developed the skill of pointing arrows to the target using either his left or his right hand. Drona once conducted an archery test for Kuru Princes. He placed a stuffed parrot high on the wall in order to hit the parrot eye. Drona first turned to Yudhishtira and said what he saw. Yudhishtira replied that he saw a stuffed parrot. Drona asked the same question to Duryodhana, but he said that he saw a stuffed parrot high on the wall. Drona then turned to Bhima and repeated the question. Bhima said that he saw a stuffed parrot placed on top of a wall under a cloudy sky. Not impressed with the answers, Drona now turned to Arjuna and repeated the question. Arjuna said that he only saw an eye. Delighted with Arjuna’s reply, Drona asked Arjuna to release the arrow. Arjuna released and sure enough, it hit the eye of stuffed parrot. Thus Arjuna became the favorite pupil of Drona. 

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