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Gandhari feared that Kunti’s sons will share the kingdom of Hastina-puri with her sons. She expressed his fear to his elder son, Duryodhana. One day, Duryodhana asked Vidura that, Pandavas has no rights to become the next heir, since Pandavas was actually not the real sons of Pandu. They only became the son of Pandu by the law of niyoga. But Vidura cleared his doubt that neither Pandu nor Dhritarashtra belong to the original bloodline, but only Bhishma belongs to Pratipa and Shantanu’s bloodline. Both Pandu and Dhritarashtra were the seeds of Vyasa through the princesses of Kashi. So the niyoga law was applied and Pandu thus became the king of Hastina-puri. But Duryodhana argued Vidura that his father is elder than Pandu. By hearing this, Vidura replied that by this logic, Yudhishtira would be the next king of Hastina-puri, since he is the eldest grandchild of Vichitravirya. Duryodhana went silence on vidura’s reply, but that did not stop him from hating his cousins.

The Pandavas feared the Kauravas, since they are living under the shadow of Kaurava’s blind father and their blindfolded mother. Pandavas now had no rule in their hand, as their father is died and mother is a widow. But Bhima had no fear on Kauravas. He always makes fun of Kauravas, by picking them up and throwing them to the ground. He also shakes the trees and drags the kauravas to the ground from trees once they climbed up. One day, tired of Bhima’s harassment, the Kauravas decided to poison him. They offered Bhima, sweets laced with poison. Bhima ate it and suddenly lost his consciousness. Kauravas then tied his limbs and threw him into a river.

Bhima was thrown in the river by the Kauravas was actually the abode of Nagas. Their leader, Aryaka saved Bhima’s life by drawing the poison out of him. Aryaka then took Bhima infront of Naga king, Vasuki who was residing in the Bhogavati, subterranean capital of the Nagas in Patala. Vasuki welcomed Bhima and informed him that Bhima was also from the bloodline of Nagas. Since, his mother Kunti is a descendant of Yadu. And that Yadu was the son-in-law of Dhumravarna, a great Naga. The Nagas arranged hospitality for Bhima by performing dances and also hosted a banquet. They also had given a drink to him which has the power to overcome any poison in the world. After recovering from poison and regained his health. Bhima returned to his palace with delight. His mother and brothers becomes happy on seeing Bhima, since they were in fear, due to his absence. But it raised the chagrin of the Kauravas.
Kunti fainted during the competition held by Drona because she recognized the youth with golden armour in chest and earrings as her first son. He was born before marriage, hence abandoned.
Flashback of Kunti’s first born child:

Pleased with her services during Durvasa’s visit in Kunti's hermitage, the sage Durvasa had given a magic formula to invoke gods for getting child. The curiosity after getting the magic formula made her to invoke Surya and that she had a child by the sun. He was born with a pair of earrings attached to his ears and golden armour that clung to his chest. In order to save her reputation and also to avoid her premarital liaison, she dropped the son of surya into flowing water by putting inside a basket. This basket was found by Adiratha who served the Kuru clan of Hastinapuri as a charioteer. Adiratha and his wife Radha were childless, so they raised the child as their own. They named the child, Karna.

As the years passed, Karna grew up and his great desire was to become a warrior. He even approached Drona for studying, but Drona refused and advised him to learn father’s trade. But his mother, Radha, encouraged him to become a warrior. Thus he approached Parashurama, masked as a Brahman for studying the martial arts. Parashurama, who was always willing to teach martial arts to Brahmans to stand up against the Kshatriyas, Soon, Karna, learnt all the martial arts from Parashurama.

One day, Parashurama was sleeping with his head on Karna’s lap. When he woke up, Parashurama found Karna’s thigh was soaked in blood. A worm had eaten into his flesh. Warm blood, however, trickled down his leg. Parashurama became sad on the agony suffered by Karna. Karna however said that he don’t want to disturb his guru’s sleep by waking up. So he suffered the Pain. But Parashurama realized the lie of Karna, that he was a Brahmin. Since only a Kshatriya is strong enough to suffer such pain in silence. Karna who did not know of his true parentage, tried to convince Parashurama. But Parashurama lost his temper and cursed his student that his knowledge would fail him when it was most crucial. But however due to Karna's pleading and also due to his best student, Parshurama gave him the celestial weapon, Bhargavastra and personal bow, Vijaya. Then he drove Karna away.
Drona prepared a contest to showcase the talents of Kuru princes he teach in front of the people of Hastina-puri. Arjuna won the archery competitions held and he became the star pupil of both Pandavas and Kauravas. Everyone cheered for Arjuna and this filled Kunti with immense pride.
Suddenly, a stranger entered the contest, who was another archer. He wore a pair of earrings attached to his ears and brilliant armour that clung to his chest. Introduced himself as Karna, he challenged Arjuna. Drona asked him to outdo what Arjuna did. Karna performed all of Arjuna’s achievements and did better that what Arjuna did. This earned him the praise of the crowds. The Pandavas, who until then were the centre of attention, now felt small and neglected.

Suddenly Adiratha, a charioteer of the royal stables came to the spot and hugged Karna.  He then said to the crowd that he is proud of his son Karna. Instantly, Bhima shouted that Karna can’t challenge the princes since he was not a Kshatriya. The Bhima’s words hurt Karna. Suddenly Duryodhana came to Karna’s rescue and he pointed out that only skill is matter and not in birth. Duryodhana added that Karna is a Kshatriya by his skills and that’s enough to become one of them. Yudhishtira then argued that Dharma states that a man should be what his father is. Karna is the son of charioteer and therefore he can’t be a Kshatriya. Karna incidentally want to tell pandavas that he was actually not a son of charioteer, but was only raised by a charioteer. But he remained silent, since he had no answer for his father and mother’s clan. Since he was an orphan abandoned at birth in the river and founded by Adiratha.

Duryodhana then came in support of Karna and he told to the crowd that Karna is a great archer and he would be his close friend from now and anybody who insults karna should be like insulting him. Duryodhana then turned to his father, Dhritarashtra and said him to make karna the warlord. Dhritarashtra who could never deny his son anything, made Karna as the king of Anga. Karna felt a lump in his throat, since Duryodhana rescued him from pandavas arguments. Karna then decided to oblige Duryodhana and made a statement that he would serve Kauravas till the day he died. The Pandava protests were strongly argued by Kaurava for Karna.

Bhishma sensed the family quarrel was becoming a public show. On one side Pandavas and the other side Kauravas is abusing each other. Suddenly Kunti in the pavilion of royal women cried and fainted. Everyone rushed to her side. Taking benefit of this instant, Bhishma declared the contest to be officially closed and ordered both Pandavas and Kauravas to return to their palace. Watching the quarrels between the grandsons, Satyavati decided to leave the palace along with Ambika and Ambalika to forest. The anxiety between Kunti and Gandhari is increasing day by day.


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