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Chapter 35: Bhima and the Nagas

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Gandhari feared that Kunti’s sons will share the kingdom of Hastina-puri with her sons. She expressed his fear to his elder son, Duryodhana. One day, Duryodhana asked Vidura that, Pandavas has no rights to become the next heir, since Pandavas was actually not the real sons of Pandu. They only became the son of Pandu by the law of niyoga. But Vidura cleared his doubt that neither Pandu nor Dhritarashtra belong to the original bloodline, but only Bhishma belongs to Pratipa and Shantanu’s bloodline. Both Pandu and Dhritarashtra were the seeds of Vyasa through the princesses of Kashi. So the niyoga law was applied and Pandu thus became the king of Hastina-puri. But Duryodhana argued Vidura that his father is elder than Pandu. By hearing this, Vidura replied that by this logic, Yudhishtira would be the next king of Hastina-puri, since he is the eldest grandchild of Vichitravirya. Duryodhana went silence on vidura’s reply, but that did not stop him from hating his cousins.

The Pandavas feared the Kauravas, since they are living under the shadow of Kaurava’s blind father and their blindfolded mother. Pandavas now had no rule in their hand, as their father is died and mother is a widow. But Bhima had no fear on Kauravas. He always makes fun of Kauravas, by picking them up and throwing them to the ground. He also shakes the trees and drags the kauravas to the ground from trees once they climbed up. One day, tired of Bhima’s harassment, the Kauravas decided to poison him. They offered Bhima, sweets laced with poison. Bhima ate it and suddenly lost his consciousness. Kauravas then tied his limbs and threw him into a river.

Bhima was thrown in the river by the Kauravas was actually the abode of Nagas. Their leader, Aryaka saved Bhima’s life by drawing the poison out of him. Aryaka then took Bhima infront of Naga king, Vasuki who was residing in the Bhogavati, subterranean capital of the Nagas in Patala. Vasuki welcomed Bhima and informed him that Bhima was also from the bloodline of Nagas. Since, his mother Kunti is a descendant of Yadu. And that Yadu was the son-in-law of Dhumravarna, a great Naga. The Nagas arranged hospitality for Bhima by performing dances and also hosted a banquet. They also had given a drink to him which has the power to overcome any poison in the world. After recovering from poison and regained his health. Bhima returned to his palace with delight. His mother and brothers becomes happy on seeing Bhima, since they were in fear, due to his absence. But it raised the chagrin of the Kauravas.

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