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Chapter 37: The escape of the Pandavas

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With the maximum trouble, the Pandavas passed through the tunnel and entered the dense forest. The physically powerful Bhima guarded the pandavas by carring his mother on his shoulders and took Nakula and Sahadeva on his hips. He also holds both Yudhishthira and Arjuna with his hands.  They thus reached the banks of Ganga, where there was a boat ready for them to cross the river in the darkness. The boat along with boatman was arranged by Vidura for the escape of the Pandavas. They finally crossed the river and entered a dark forest full of silence covered with trees. They continued their voyage in the forest. The silence in the forest was then broken by the terrible noises of wild animals.

Kuntidevi who was tired now was sat down and rested there. She then falls asleep. Her sons accompanied kunti and rested there. But Bhima forced his way in the twisted forest in search of water in the darkness.  Bhima found a pool in the forest. He washed his upper clothes, then made cups from lotus leaves and carried water to his mother and brothers who were perishing with thirst. Kunti and her sons again fall asleep after recovered from thirst. They mercifully forget all the miseries done by Kauravas towards them except Bhima who alone sat and thinking why and how the wicked kauravas can injure them in these ways.  Bhima who was a sinless himself can’t understand the sins of others.

Next day, the Pandavas continued their voyage suffering many miseries and overcoming many dangers. They ate the fruits and vegetables in the forest and rested on their way. They were ever alert and still confident that justice would save them from this agony. On the way, they met Bhagavan Vyasa. Vyasa after hearing their miseries, advised him to tolerate. He then gave them a wise counsel. The kind words of Vyasa consoled them from their sorrows. Vyasa added that no people in the world can live in virtue at all times; everyone should have done both good and evil. So people should have the mind to bear the consequence of both good and evil. Also we don’t give any way to sorrow.

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