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Chapter 38: Bhima killing Bakasura

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Kunti and her five sons wandered in the forest disguised in the form of poor Brahmans. They even don’t know where their life is heading. They are now homeless, rootless and wandering in the forest like the children of the gods. The Pandavas often found their mother weeping. They doubted how to make their mother happy. On the way when all of them become tired, Bhima carry his entire family on his arms, shoulders and hips. Pandavas took shelter in villages for night. They never stay in a particular shelter for long time as they do not want to attract any unnecessary attention, since they feared that kauravas would discover them. They seek alms from houses of villages. The food collected during daytime would be shared in evening by all. Kunti used to give half the portion to food to Bhima because he was very stout. The other half was equally divided among the five.

During their wandering, they arrive at a village called Ekachakra. Kunti and her sons got a shelter offered by a young Brahman couple. That night Pandavas heard a wail from Brahman’s wife. When kunti inquired the reason for wail, she said that, there is an asura called Bakasura in the village. He used to kill many people and destroy the fields. So the villagers decided to give food to asura all the days from each house. But the asura is not only ate the food, he also eat the man who takes the food to him. Today is the Brahman couple’s turn and the couple has only one son. That son wants to feed the food for asura and it was the reason for their wail. But Kunti consoled her. She then told her that she had five sons and she is ready to sacrifice one son, since the couple had offered them the shelter. The couples become touched on kunti’s words. Kunti then ordered Bhima to take the food to Bakasura. Bhima became happier, when his mother selected him to approach Bakasura.

Bhima then took the food near to the cave where Bakasura was living. He then started eating the food. When Bakasura heard the sound of slurping and burping of eating food, he became furious. He came outside the cave and saw Bhima eating food. The furious Bakasura then told to Bhima that he is going to eat him, so he doesn’t care of eating his food. Bakasura then attacked Bhima, but Bhima caught his neck with one hand and continued eating with the other hand. After finishing the food, Bhima smiled with happiness and attacked Bakasura. The two fought like wild bulls. The earth shook and the trees started to shook, when both blows on each other. After an extended fight, Bhima managed to kill Bakasura by breaking his neck.

Bhima then secretly dragged the dead body of Bakasura at night to the entrance of the village and left it there for the people to witness. Next morning, the villagers were surprised to see the dead body of Bakasura. They celebrated the Bakasura’s death.

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