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Chapter 39: Hidimba and Hidimbi

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After killing Bakasura, they continued their voyage. On their way, kunti and the Pandavas decided to rest in a clearing in the woods. There they were attacked by a Demon called Hidimba, brother of Bakasura, who recognized Bhima as the killer of his brother.

Bhima all alone, without disturbing his brothers and mother who are sleeping, challenged the demon Hidimba. The consequent fight was very terrible. Both of them fought like a bull, digging huge trees and using them as their weapons. After a violent fight, Bhima managed to overpower and kill Hidimba. At that time, Hidimba’s sister, Hidimbi was hidden in the bushes and seeing the fight. Hidimbi, who was actually tired of his brother’s evil activities, fell in love with Bhima’s strength and power. She then transformed into a beautiful lady and decided to marry Bhima. Using her magical powers, she took kunti and pandavas along with Bhima to a wonderful place and provided them with food, clothing and shelter. Hidimbi then told Kunti, about her desire to marry Bhima. Kunti, who was impressed with her hospitality, accepted Hidimbi as her daughter-in-law. Bhima agreed to marry her upon one condition, that he would leave her after they had one son. Hidimbi agreed the condition and they were married.

In due course, Hidimbi gave birth to Bhima’s son, Ghatotkacha. Kunti watched Bhima enjoying the company of his wife and Ghatotkacha. Kunti then remembered Bhima about the condition. She then told Bhima to leave Hidimbi and Ghatotkacha, since their destiny lies elsewhere and not with rakshasas.  Bhima nodded his head even though he was no willing to leave them.  Ghatotkacha stayed with his mother and also promised his father to appear before him as soon as he remembered him. Bhima then started following his mother and brothers out of the Demon settlement.

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