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Chapter 43: The common wife and Krishna enters

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Arjuna went to his mother, Kunti for taking bless from her. Without turning around, Kunti said that whatever it is, pandava brothers shared everything. But Arjuna replied that she is a woman. Kunti then turned around and saw the beautiful Draupadi next to Arjuna. She also noticed that all her sons were attracted to her. Kunti feared that a woman would disrupt the unity of her sons. So she convinced Draupadi to being the wife of the Pandava brothers, indeed it was Arjuna that had won the swayamvara target shooting. Since dharma allows it
Yudhishtira confirmed the statement of his mother by narrating the tale of Vidula who according to the ancient records had married the ten Prachetas brothers.  With this reference, there was nothing to stop Draupadi from becoming the common wife of the five Pandavas. Since in her past life, Draupadi had invoked Shiva and asked a boon for her. The boon that she asked to give was to get a husband who was honest, strong, skilled, handsome and knowledgeable.  Shiva had said that she will get five men with each quality in her next birth, since a single man can’t posses these five qualities other than god. Thus in this birth, Draupadi got honest in yudhistira, strong in bhima, skill in Arjuna, handsome in nakula and knowledge in sakadeva. Draupadi thus got the name Panchali.

Another tale states that in her past life, Draupadi was Nalayani, the wife of a sage called Maudgalya. Maudgalya who was always suffered from a terrible disease that made him cough and spit all the day. Still Nalayani served him as a loyal consort. Pleased with her generous service, the sage offered her a boon. She asked to give her a boon for indulging all her sexual desires. Maudgalya then using his ascetic powers took the appearance of many diverse men, one is human, and one is divine and another is handsome and made love to her in many different ways. After treating her wife in sexual pleasures for many years, Maudgalya decided to renounce the world. But Nalayani was not satisfied and she asked her husband that who will make love to her after he was gone. Shocked by her greedy lust, the sage cursed her that in her next life she would be the wife of many men.
Also it is believed that, Pandavas in their previous lives served Indra and her queen, Sachi in Heaven. But in their current life, they would, even collectively, be unable to protect their queen or their kingdom. For this was the twilight of the Dwapara Yuga, the third quarter of the world’s lifespan.
Krishna Introduced.

Just as Draupadi’s hand was given in marriage to the five Pandavas, a visitor walked into Kunti’s house. He was a dark and extremely good-looking man with attractive eyes and a charming smile. He was dressed in a bright yellow dhoti. He had a garland of perfumed flowers round his collar and a peacock feather fixed from the topknot on his head.

He then fallen into Kunti’s feet and said in a soft melodious voice that his name is Krishna, son of kunti’s brother, Vasudeva from Yadava clan. He then said to Kunti that her biological father, Surasena was his grandfather. The blood of Yadu and the Nagas flow in both of their veins and her sons are his cousins. It touched everyone’s heart.

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