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Chapter 45: Childhood of Krishna and Balarama

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Nanda, foster father of Krishna was the head of a society of cow-herders, and he settled in Gokul. Krishna meanwhile grew up in the middle of gopas and gopis, who are the cowherds and milkmaids of Gokul. Few alleged Krishna’s origins, since many doubted why the fair Nanda and Yashoda had given birth to a dark child. Perhaps Yashoda cleared their doubts by saying that their child was born after being childless for many years and it maybe the reason. The coming of Krishna changed the situations in Gokul. His life, right from his birth, was full of adventures.

Krishna killed the witch Putana, who was sent by Kamsa to kill all the newborn babies around Mathura. Putana took the form of a wet nurse and convinced Yashoda to feed milk to the baby. Putana had poison in her breasts. But when she feed the milk to Krishna, he suckled on her breasts; he sucked out her life air, killing her, without taking her poison. Kamsa then sent a whirlwind demon called Trinavarta, who took the form of whirlwind and tried to overturn the cradle in which Krishna slept. Krishna caught him by the neck and blocked him so tight that the wind turned into a mild breeze that lulled him to sleep. Another demon tried to kill Krishna by putting him under the hand-driven cart, but Krishna kicked him with his tiny feet and shattered him to smithereens. Yashoda, Nanda and all other gopis can’t see the demon as he was in invisible form and they wondered how the cart could have collapsed by itself. The incidents in Gokul with wet nurse, whirlwind and the cartwheel made the villagers frightened. Yashoda along with villagers decided to shift their residence from Gokul to more safety location on the banks of the river Yamuna at the base of the Govardhan hill.

The new settlement of cowherds later got the name Vrindavan, which is also near to the forest of Tulsi plants. Here Krishna grew up with a fondness for butter. The primary hobby of little Krishna is stealing the butter from unsuspecting Gopis. He climb towards the top of the rafter, where butter is stored in hanging pots and stole it from the houses of gopis. The angry milkmaids tried to stop him and get him punished, but he always gave them the slip. As Krishna grew up, he took the responsibility of grazing the cows. Krishna along with his brother, Balarama and other gopas grazed the cows. There he amused everyone with his flute and prevented the cows from many threats like forest fire, a huge heron, a wild bull and a starving python. He also prevented the villagers from a multi headed serpent called Kaliya, who had poisoned the waters of river Yamuna. Later he performed the kaliya mardan dance. Krishna’s brother, Balarama who engaged in grazing the cows also protected the toddy palm trees there from monkeys. Balarama is good farmer by birth. He is always seen with a plough in his hand. With his plough, he even pulled the Yamuna and made canals. Thus he made the water to flow towards the fields. Balarama even killed the demons, Dhenukasura and Pralambasura sent by Kamsa. As the years passed, Krishna and Balarama grew into a youth. Krishna then opposed the blind rituals of the sages. He preferred charity and devotion rather than rituals.

Every year, Kamsa is conducting a huge yagna to please Indra for rain in the earth. Krishna opposed this practice. He informed villagers to worship Govardhan, the mountain who has the ability to stop the rain clouds and brings rain in village. So villagers took the decision of not giving the ghee for Kamsa for performing the yagna. This irked Indra and he poured heavy rain to fall in the village which resulted in flood. It was then that Krishna picked up the Govardhan Mountain with his little finger and sheltered the whole villagers under the mountain. This sight was enough for Indra to recognize the power of Krishna. Indra realized that Krishna was not an ordinary man, but is god itself. The news reached the ears of Kamsa and he became nervous. Kamsa realized that Krishna was the eight child of his sister—his prophesied killer.

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