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Chapter 46: The End of Kamsa

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Krishna enjoyed the company of gopis and gopas and they also liked him the most. Every night, he brings the villagers to a forest called Madhuvan, which is full of perfumed flowers. Then he entertains them by playing his flute. All the milkmaids present there would dance to the tunes of Krishna. Krishna also dances along with them. The villagers do not have any fear of darkness or creatures once they got the presence of Krishna. They felt secure in the company of Krishna. But it does not longs lasted, as Kamsa sent a chariot to Vrindavan ordering Krishna to come to Mathura and take part in a wrestling competition. His foster father, Nanda had no choice but to let Krishna go. Balarama, who was font of his brother, accompanied him. The gopis and gopas of Vrindavan hit their chests in sorrow. They wept and followed the path of the chariot until it disappeared from their eyes.

Kamsa was delirious with fear waiting for Krishna to arrive and he was not capable to sleep that night because of bad dreams. He saw the reflection of headless body in the mirror, everything appeared double in his eyes, and even saw the layer of the sky as sliced. He saw holes in his shadow and seemed no footprints when he walked. Next day, Krishna and Balarama entered the grandeur city of Mathura with their friends. Both of them won the hearts of the Yadavas. Every Yadavas cheered for the two cowherds. By and by they came to the wrestling ring and accepted the challenge to fight Kamsa's demons. Fearlessly, Krishna and Balarama killed Kamsa’s demons one by one including the champions. Krishna defeated Chanura, whereas Balarama defeated Mushtika. Everyone except Kamsa cheered at the amazing defeat of demons.

The evil king stopped the cheer of audience and shouted to his soldiers to exile the two sons of Vasudeva out of the city. Then to seize the cowherds' property and to arrest their guardian Nanda, after that to kill the Vasudeva and those who cheered along with his own father, Ugrasena who sided his enemies. In response, Krishna jumped into the stands of Kamsa and knocked off his crown. Krishna then dragged Kamsa to the wrestling mat by his hair. Then he easily killed Kamsa, striking him with his fist. Suddenly Kamsa's eight younger brothers headed by Kanka and Nyagrodha rushed towards Krishna, but Balarama stopped them and he killed those eight brothers. Krishna and Balarama then met their parents, Devaki and Vasudeva in Prison. But they went struck on seeing their sons and became afraid for embracing their sons as they knew that they were god himself reborn in earth for the fulfillment of prophecy. Thus both their sons liberated their parents from prison, and reinstated Ugrasen as the King of Mathura.

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