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Chapter 47: Migration from Mathura to Dwaraka

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After killing Kamsa, Krishna was hailed as the liberator of the Yadavas. Everybody in the city of Mathura then realized the fact that both Krishna and Balarama was the son of Vasudeva and Devaki. Thus they recognized both as a Kshatriya, a descendant of Yadu. Both of them then entered the gurukula and educated under sage Sandipani. Krishna became the prince in the court of Yadu and became a member of the ruling Yadava council in Mathura which is re-established after Kamsa’s death. But not every member in the Yadava council accepted Krishna as a true Yadava.
Prasenajit, who was one of the members of Yadava council, was killed while hunting in the forest. His jewel called Syamantaka was also stolen by someone else. Some jealous members accused that Krishna stole that jewel. Krishna somehow managed to prove that Prasenajit was killed by a lion and the jewel called Syamantaka been stolen by a bear. As a compensation for accusing Krishna as robber, Prasenajit’s brother, Surajit decided to give his daughter, Satyabhama to Krishna. Thus Krishna married Satyabhama and this marriage strengthened Krishna’s position in the Yadava council in Mathura.

Jarasandha, the king of Magadha was not happy with Krishna’s membership in Yadava council. He was angry that rather than punishing the cowherd for killing his son-in-law, Kamsa, the Yadavas had given him the membership. Jarasandha then ordered his soldiers to attack Mathura and seize the Yadavas properties. His army attacked Mathura for seventeen times, but Krishna and Balarama defended the Jarasandha’s forces and led the Yadavas to victory. But for the eighteenth time, Jarasandha’s forces led by one of his powerful allies, Kalyavan destroyed the city of Mathura. The Krishna and the Yadavas then took a safe decision of withdrawal from the city in order to avoid much loses for them. They migrated towards west across the desert and mountains. They then finally reached the island of Dwaraka near the sea.

Dwaraka was earlier ruled by a king called Kakudmi. Long ago, he along with his daughter, Revati had gone to the abode of Brahma for seeking him about a suitable groom for his daughter. Unfortunately, 27 catur-yugas passed after meeting with Brahma, since a brahma day is equal 1000 mahayugas. When he returned to earth with his daughter, he found that all his relatives and natives were passed away. They also found that the nature and surroundings were changed as several generations passed. They now landed in Dwapara Yuga after passing 27 catur-yugas. Now the human beings had shrunk in size (as the size of human reduces when passing from one Yuga to other) and no man was ready to marry his giant daughter. During his visit, Brahma informed Kakudmi that Vishnu was incarnate on earth in the forms of Krishna and Balarama and Balarama should be a worthy groom for his daughter. Kakudmi then waited Balarama to arrive at Dwaraka. Thus the destiny made Krishna and Balarama to arrive at Dwaraka. Balarama, who now arrived at Dwaraka, tapped his plough on Revati’s head and she shrunk to the normal height of people in this Yuga. Impressed with Balarama, Kakudmi proposed him to marry his daughter. Balarama agreed and in gratitude, Kakudmi permitted the Yadavas to settle on his island.

To secure this place for Yadavas, Krishna married several women from neighboring kingdoms. Rukmini was one among them. She was the princess of Vidarbha. Krishna married Rukmini to save her from forceful marriage to Shishupala by her brother, Rukmi. Shishupala was the king of Chedi. Krishna abducted Rukmini and put her into his chariot with him, whiles Shishupala and his army noticing it. They tried to chase Krishna, but failed. Shishupala happened to be an ally of Jarasandha, informed him that Krishna is now settled in the island of Dwaraka along with Yadavas. Jarasandha could do nothing but fume in frustration. Inorder to make political alliances with several kingdoms, Krishna married many more princesses from Avanti, Kosala, Madra and Kekaya. It was during one such visit, Krishna met Pandavas for the first time at the court of Drupada.

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