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Chapter 50: Sharing Draupadi and Arjuna's exile

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All the five Pandavas loved Draupadi equally. So there are chances for experiencing jealous and disrupt among brothers. Inorder to avoid it, Krishna told the Pandavas about the story of Tilotamma, an Apsara who was sent by the Devas to disrupt the unity of two demon brothers, Sunda and Upasunda. When they saw Tilotamma, both of the demons fell in love with her instantly. They expressed their desire to marry her. But she said that she will marry one, who is stronger among the two. The brothers decided to fight for her, which resulted in killing each other.

So in order to avoid experiencing disrupt among brothers, Krishna forwarded a suggestion. At any time, Draupadi to be exclusive to one brother for a year and the others should stay away from the couple’s apartment. Once the year is over, she must be move towards other brother. The brother who enters Draupadi’s apartment out of turn should observe celibacy and depart from the kingdom for twelve years, said Krishna to the Pandavas. The Pandavas agreed. Each brother had restricted entry to Draupadi’s chamber for an interval of four years at a time. Draupadi served each of them dutifully for the respected period. Before moving from one husband to another, Draupadi would walk through the fire and regain her virginity. Since, she got the boon from shiva for regaining her virginity throughout the life. Seeing his cousins well settled, Krishna returned to his capital, Dwaraka.

Draupadi enjoyed honest in Yudhistira, physical power in Bhima, skill in Arjuna, beauty in Nakula and knowledge in Sahadeva. She bore a son to each of the five brothers, in intervals of one year. Thus she became mother of five sons. The Pandavas were also permitted to marry other women in order to avoid their loneliness between each four years in the absence of Draupadi. But Draupadi not allowed their other wives to stay in Indraprastha and it was the only condition she forwarded and Pandavas agreed to it.

One day, the cows of the Pandavas were robbed by a group of thieves. The cowherds wailed to Arjuna that their cows had been robbed and that the robbers were fleeing. They appealed to Arjuna to chase them. Arjuna rushed to the palace to collect his bow, but he could not find it. Then he remembered that Pandava arms were stored in Yudhishthira’s apartment. When he entered, he found Draupadi in the arms of Yudhishtira in bedchamber. Arjuna then picked his bow, chased the robbers and brought the cows back. Returning to the palace, Arjuna was punished for exile of twelve years as he broken the code of not entering the bedchamber out of turn. He then decided to go on a pilgrimage.

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