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Chapter 52: Arjuna abducts Subhadra

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Travelling West to bharatvarsha, Arjuna reached the holy sea shore of Prabhasa which is nearer to Dwaraka.  Then he arrives at Dwaraka, the famous port city of the Yadavas. Krishna, who heard about Arjuna’s arrival rushed to him and advised him to enter the city disguised as a mendicant and to stay in a cave of Raivatakaadri. One day Arjuna saw a maiden of divine beauty, neat in walk, with eyes like a doe’s, while he chanting the japa beads disguised as a mendicant. Arjuna was smitten with desire. Krishna who observe this, informed Arjuna that she was his sister, Subhadra. Krishna knew that Subhadra also loves Arjuna. But his elder brother Balarama and father Vasudeva oppose them. So Krishna encouraged Arjuna to abduct Subhadra. As soon as Subhadra realized that the mendicant was none other than Arjuna, she rode out of the city with Arjuna on a chariot.

Arjuna swept the princess in his chariot, but they were stopped by Balarama and Vasudeva. They found that the mendicant was none other than Arjuna. The furious Balarama went to attack Arjuna. But Krishna intervened and convinced Balarama to leave them since they love each other and it is not worth to force their sister to an unwilling marriage. Balarama realized the fact and called off the attack. He then permitted their wedding and all the elders joined in blessing the couple. After a year of enjoyment at Dwaraka, Arjuna spent the last year of his exile with Subhadra in the sacred town of Prabhasa. Now it’s the time to return to Indraprastha. But Draupadi had made it clear that no other Pandava wife would be allowed to stay in her city.

But Krishna advised Arjuna to return to Indraprastha along with Subhadra. After reaching the gates of Indra-prastha, Krishna instructed Subhadra to enter Draupadi’s chamber disguised as a milkmaid and to beg shelter for herself and her husband.  Subhadra then entered Draupadi’s chambers as a milkmaid and said Draupadi that she was eloped with his husband and need a shelter as they were afraid of husband’s senior wife. Subhadra said without revealing her identity. Draupadi consoled her and said to stay with her. Then she revealed with shy and nervous that his name is Subhadra and her husband is Arjuna. Draupadi realized that she had been tricked, but she forgave Subhadra and let her to stay in Indra-prastha.

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