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Chapter 53: Draupadi’s sons and the birth of Abhimanyu

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Kunti along with the members of Pandava family welcomed Arjuna and Subhadra. Krishna, Balarama and other family members including the people from Vrishnis, Andhakas and Bhojas (Yadava tribes) followed them and arrived at Indraprastha. They brought some attractive dowry to the Pandava capital, which includes cows, mares, mules, draught horses, chariots, gold, silver, elephants, gems and rich clothing. After much happiness and the bride’s party, they returned to Dwaraka. Krishna alone stayed back to spend some time with Arjuna. In due course, Arjuna and Subhadra gave birth to a son. His name was Abhimanyu.

Draupadi (Panchali) already bored a son to each of the five brothers, in intervals of one year after their Swayamvara. They were Prativindhya of Yudhishthira, Sutasoma of Bhima, Srutakarman of Arjuna, Satanika of Nakula and Srutasena of Sahadeva. Together they were called as Upapandavas. They were raised in their maternal palace - Panchal. Draupadi's brother Dhristyadhumna took care of their education and war skills.

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