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Chapter 54: Arjuna took his Gandiva and Krishna his Chakra

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As Krishna was performing his morning rituals to Sun god, a Gandharva called Gaya spits the pan down his divine plane. It fell on Krishna’s head. Furious, Krishna saw Gaya in the sky and understood the situation. Krishna became angry due to his disrespect and he vowed to kill Gaya. Hearing the vow, Gaya panicked. A frightened Gaya ran to Indraprastha and fell at Subhadra’s feet and begged for life. He then told her that a mad warrior chasing him for killing due to an accidentally happened crime. Feeling sorry, Subhadra consoled Gaya that her husband, Arjuna would save her from that mad warrior. Shortly thereafter, an angry Krishna came to Indraprastha to behead Gaya. Subhadra realized that the mad warrior was none other than his brother, Krishna. But she could not go back on her word, so she informed Arjuna to protect Gaya from Krishna. Krishna who had taken the vow to kill Gaya was not ready to back from it, despite being sister’s protection.

Before long, Krishna and Arjuna stood face to face. Arjuna took his Gandiva in his hand while the Sudarshan Chakra is whirring around Krishna’s finger. Gaya lay trembling at Subhadra’s feet. The situation was nervous. Both of them were not ready to back in order to protect the given words. As keeping the one’s word is the primary rule of dharma. If Arjuna struck Krishna, then the world would cease as he is the preserver of life in earth, and if Krishna struck Arjuna, then it will result in the end of the Pandavas. The gods watching from heaven were so alarmed and they begged Brahma and Shiva to mediate the situation. Brahma then appeared in front of Arjuna and said to let Krishna behead Gaya. After that Brahma would restore Gaya to life so that Arjuna can keep his word. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Arjuna lowered his bow. Krishna then beheaded the Gaya to carry out his vow. Brahma then restored the life of Gaya. Gaya thanked Arjuna and apologized to Krishna for having caused such environmental pollution.

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