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Chapter 55: Nara and Narayana

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One day, while walking along the river Yamuna, Arjuna inquired Krishna that why Rama is not able to build bridge of arrows across the sea, despite being considered as a great archer. Arjuna stated that he can create the bridge of arrows across the sea, as he early did for the elephants of Indra to descend to earth. Hanuman now disguised as a small monkey overheard the conversation of Arjuna, while on a tree. Hanuman did not like Arjuna’s boast. He went down to the ground from the tree and said to Arjuna that bridge of arrows can’t bear the weight of monkeys. So he built a bridge of stones. Hanuman then said to Arjuna that a bridge of arrows can’t support the weight of a single monkey like him. Arjuna, who did not recognize Hanuman, thought that the small monkey is mocking him. So he built a magnificent bridge extending hundred miles across the ocean and then said to that monkey to dance and play on the bridge. The monkey placed his paw on it and the bridge broken immediately. Hanuman laughed and mocked Arjuna that is he the real man who created the bridge of arrows between heaven and earth for Indra’s elephants to descend to earth.

Arjuna felt so shamed and even thought about killing himself. But that time, a sage saw the incidents and he went to Arjuna and said to build a bridge of arrows once more by chanting “Ram Krishna Hari”. Arjuna did as per the advice by the sage and this time, the bridge held the weight of monkey when stepped. Hanuman then exposed his true form to Arjuna and increased his body to giant size as that of a mountain. The bridge stood solid despite being the gigantic pressure of Hanuman. The sage then said to Arjuna that the name of Rama ensured the bridge of stones to hold the weight of monkeys and it was the name of Krishna ensured the bridge of arrows to hold the weight of Hanuman. Arjuna then realized that strength alone is not enough to accomplish the tasks but divine grace is needed. The sage added that without Krishna, Arjuna is nothing and both of them were Nara and Narayana. Arjuna bowed the sage and then fell at Hanuman’s feet for forgiving his arrogance. Hanuman then blessed Arjuna and given the promise of ever presenting in his chariot flag as a sign and keep on serving him. Arjuna who is now unaware about the meaning of Nara and Narayana inquired Hanuman. Hanuman replied that the secret will be shortly revealed to him.

Later Krishna revealed the secret to Arjuna that once they together fought many demons and won many battles for Devas in Satya Yuga. Now both of them were reborn in earth to restore dharma as Nara is Arjuna and Narayana is Krishna. Krishna then left for Dwaraka.

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