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Chapter 56: Maya builds a Hall

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The Danava demon, Maya, whose life was spared by Krishna and Arjuna during the destruction of the Khandava forest, felt grateful to Pandavas. So he wanted an opportunity to return the favour by showing his expertise in construction as he was the architect of demons. Krishna instructs Maya to build a magnificent palace hall for king Yudhisthira at Indraprastha. Over a period of fourteen months, Maya built the palace hall of great majesty in Indraprastha such that its floors was finished in such an illusionary manner that it had the mirror image of water whereas the pools along the hall is made such that the mirror image of a flat surface seeming no water in it.  It is lavishly decorated by gems and can be comparable to the god Indra’s assembly hall. The gigantic amphitheatre was accepted by one and all as an architectural wonder. The hall is later named as Mayasabha. On one auspicious day, Yudhisthira (Dharma Raja) started his rule as making Mayasabha as the palace hall. Every king from around Bharatha-varsha visited Yudhishthira’s court and offered him valuable gifts.

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