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Chapter 61: Can Jarasandha be killed?

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Yudhisthira asked Krishna, Can Jarasandha be killed?

Krishna told Yudhisthira that nobody can kill Jarasandha using weapon or in a battlefield. So only Bhima can kill him with his hands and it can be achieved only through a personal combat. Krishna then proposed a plan for destroying Jarasandha. According to that plan Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna decided to went to Magadha disguised as Brahmins. Jarasandha had greatest respect and devotion towards Brahmins, so he should not refuse whatever the Brahmins asked for.

After taking bless from Dharma Raja, Bhima and Arjuna followed Sri Krishna to the kingdom of Magadha.

As per the plan, Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna gained entry to meet Jarasandha in their disguised form. Once they reached Jarasandha, they revealed their identity to him and demanded to release the imprisoned kings. Jarasandha mockingly replied that he would add these three to those imprisoned. But only after defeating one by one in a duel, since these three are not having army and it is against Kshatriya dharma to fight against weaponless. Jarasandha preferred Bhima as his first opponent, since Bhima looked the biggest and strongest among the three and should be a right opponent to fight against him.

Jarasandha immediately made arrangements for installing his son Sahadeva as king before the battle started. The fight began and it seemed like a duel between two mountains. They clashed like elephants with roars in the daytime and in the night they would sit together like friends and dine. The battle entered the fourteenth day and bhima did not know how to defeat Jarasandha. Both of them seemed to be equal in strength.  So, bhima sought the help of Krishna. But Krishna gave him assurance and said that it would be his last day with Jarasandha. The fight began once again and this time Krishna took a leaf in his hand and split the leaf into two, since Jarasandha can be killed only by separating his body into two as he was born by merging two lifeless halves of body. Bhima who noticed it took the hint and holding Jarasandha by his legs, split his whole body into two pieces from the bottom up as a great elephant splits the branch of a tree. But, these two pieces came together and Jarasandha was able to attack Bhima again.

This time Krishna sliced the leaf into two and threw the left piece on right side and the right piece on the left side. Bhima exactly did the same. Thus, Jarasandha was killed as the two pieces could not unite into one.  Jarasandha, the mighty king, lay on the ground dead. Krishna released those kings whom Jarasandha had kept in prison. The released kings thanked Krishna for liberation, but Krishna informed them that it was Bhima, who rescued them.  Krishna added that Bhima is the brother of the great king, Yudhisthira and he is holding a Rajasuya sacrifice. So in order to pay the gratitude for liberation to bhima, all the released kings should assist the Pandava king in his Rajasuya. The released kings agreed in one voice. Krishna consoled the son of Jarasandha and installed him as the new king of Magadha. The two brothers, Bhima and Arjuna returned to Indraprastha after the victory, where they are given rousing welcome. While Krishna left Dwaraka.

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