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Chapter 58: Pandu not qualified for Indrasabha, says Narada

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When Yudhisthira showed Narada around the recently built Mayasabha, the sage expressed his admiration for its architectural brilliance. “This is easily one of the marvelous halls, I have seen,” the sage said. He then described to Yudhisthira the halls of the various gods which includes Brahma sabha, Indra sabha, Varuna sabha, Kubera sabha and Yama sabha. Then he described the members he met once visited to these halls.

On visiting Yama’s court, Narada found the illustrious father of Yudhisthira, Pandu as he was disqualified for admission in Indra’s court. The qualification for a king to enter Indra’s court is that he should have done Rajasuya sacrifice or lost his life in a battle or performed strict meditations. Disappointedly, Pandu had not performed the above three and also he enjoyed the fame of a king throughout his life. Yudhisthira felt deeply saddened that his father did not find a place in Indra’s court. Narada consoled Yudhisthira to perform a Rajasuya sacrifice so that Pandu would get the benefit of such a sacrifice from his son and would qualify for admission into Indra’s court as it was Pandu’s wish. Narada added that Rajasuya sacrifice would also establish the Yudhisthira’s dominance over all the kings of the earth. Then Narada left Indraprastha.

Fired by Narada’s words, Yudhisthira discussed this matter with elders and other ministers of Indraprastha and decided to perform the Rajasuya sacrifice. Before that he wants to consult Krishna. So he immediately sent his ministers to Dwarka for inviting Krishna.

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