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Chapter 59: Yudhisthira consults Krishna on Rajasuya

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Upon the invite from Yudhisthira, Krishna arrived Indraprastha in his celestial chariot and was received by Pandavas with due honors. Yudhisthira then informed Krishna about the Narada’s advice to perform Rajasuya. Krishna told the mighty Pandava monarch to follow Narada’s advice, as he is superior to all other kings and is the apt king to perform Rajasuya. But there is a one exception and he is the Magadha king, Jarasandha.

All kings have become Jarasandha’s vassals. He now conquered eight-six kings from various dynasties who resisted him and he is in the process of conquering fourteen more kings to offer them one by one as sacrifice to the god Rudra. Jarasandha would never accept Yudhisthira as a superior king than him. So he will try to block the sacrifice. He would seek everlasting fame by defeating Yudhisthira. Even Krishna and Balarama had taken defensive measures against Jarasandha’s attack by building a very strong fort at Dwaraka. Jarasandha who also grouse against Krishna for killing his son in law, Kamsa is looking a twist for attacking Dwarka.

“What makes Jarasandha so unbeatable?” Yudhisthira asked Krishna.

Krishna related Jarasandha’s story to the king.

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