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Chapter 64: Honoring Krishna and the obstruction of Shishupala

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Rajasuya Yajna commenced. The priests poured water, milk and honey on Yudhishtira in the attendance of all the kings of Bharata-varsha. The priests declared Yudhishtira as the emperor. During the rituals, the priests asked the Pandavas that it was essential to honor an illustrious guest by offering them the Arghya in order to finish the Yajna. The chief among the guests should be offered the Arghya first. Bhishma preferred Krishna as the best suited to receive the honor. Since Krishna deserves that as he is a renowned personality, a scholar, a good personality, highly intellectual, a person who is liked by one and all. Sahadeva brought Arghya to Sri Krishna. Yudhishtira offered Arghya and other honors to Srikrishna.

In that great assembly was present Shishupala, the King of Chedi. King Shishupala could not tolerate this. He stood up and protested loudly. Some of the questions he argued against Krishna are as follows.

Why Krishna who is much younger than the guests present here? It is note that Krishna’s father Vasudeva is present here, who is much older than Krishna.

Why Krishna rather than any great Ritviks? It is note that Saint Veda Vyasa is gracing this occasion.

Why Krishna rather than any gurus? Guru Dronacharya and Kripacharya are here.

Why Krishna rather than any other famous Yadava members?

Why Krishna rather than any other eminent kings?

Shishupala himself believes that he is much superior to Krishna in valor and strength. Shishupala accused that Krishna is a mere cowherd and he tricked and abducted Rukmini, without the wishes of her family. A few other kings joined Shishupala in a chorus. But Sahadeva rose and said that anybody who objected this sacrifice with Shishupala would be crushed under his feet. The frightened kings withdrew on backing Shishupala.

After obstructing the Krishna’s honoring, Shishupala went on to heap insults on Krishna. He called Krishna a magician, coward, a lady killer (putana), kidnapper and so on. Yudhisthira did not agree to Shishupala’s demands. But he tried to make peace with Shishupala. An angry Bhishma stopped Yudhisthira and asked pandavas to raise their weapons to stop Shishupala from heaping bad words on Krishna. But Krishna told the pandavas to remain silent and to let him to say what he wants. Bhishma suddenly remembers prophesy that the death of the Shishupala was from the hands of Krishna. Shishupala was none other than Krishna’s cousin, just like the Pandavas. Bhishma then told the story of Shishupala to the assembled guests.

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