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Chapter 71: Pandavas invited for dice game

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Dhritarashtra was in great dilemma, so he consulted Vidura for opinion, but Vidura firmly opposed Shakuni’s idea of inviting Yuthishthira to gamble. Vidura refused Shakuni’s idea because it creates differences between Pandavas and Kauravas. When Dhritarashtra showed no inclination to listen to his opinion, Vidura realized that the Kauravas were moving towards their own destruction. Vidura became helpless to avoid the game and he was also sent to Indraprastha by Dhritarashtra to invite Yudhisthira.  Meanwhile, a massive hall with thousand pillars was specifically built and furnished plentifully in preparation for the game.

Yudhisthira welcomed Vidura with due honors. Vidura told Yudhisthira the reason for his visit. He also informed Yudhisthira about Dhritarashtra’s invitation to see the newly built massive hall in Hastinapura and to compare it with the Mayasabha at Indraprastha. Yudhisthira clearly expressed his hesitation to engage in a dice game as it might lead to enmity within the family. But it is also wrong to disobey the paternal uncle’s desire. So leaving the result of game to fate and duly honoring the king’s invitation, Yudhisthira set out to Hastinapura in the company of his wife and brothers. Krishna had no idea either of the Kaurava invitation or of the Pandava decision to participate in gambling as he was away at Dwaraka.

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