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Chapter 70: Shakuni’s scheme for a dice game

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On their way to home from Indraprastha, Shakuni observed Duryodhana’s sadness over Pandavas’ prosperity. Shakuni talked to him positively. He encouraged Duryodhana that kauravas can defeat the pandava brothers through gambling, but no through arms. As Yudhisthira loves to gamble with the dice, he does not know the intricacies in gambling. Yudhisthira is a plain gambler, but Shakuni is an expert in gambling. So Shakuni believes that he can beat him in gambling and seize all his empire and prosperity and give up to Duryodhana. By the time they reached Hastinapura, the plan of welcoming Yudhisthira for a game of dice had taken deep root in Duryodhana’s mind.

Duryodhana was delirious with abhorrence and jealousy for the Pandavas as he reached Hastinapura. He confirmed to his father, Dhritarashtra that he can’t continue living, after seeing the reputation and prosperity of the Pandavas. Having been the treasurer at the yagna, he was viewer to the huge gifts that came heavy in from rulers around the world. Duryodhana asked his father that when and how to become as prosperous as the Pandavas. Dhritarashtra tried to console his son by saying that Duryodhana is no way inferior to the Pandavas as he had equal wealth and his kingdom extends far and wide, which is same as that of Pandavas. Shakuni, uncle of Duryodhana mediated the conversation between father and son and said that Duryodhana’s sadness might not end if the Pandavas be fetched to Indraprastha for a game of dice. Shakuni knew well about how to play against Pandavas with dice as bow and the numbers as arrows. Shakuni, the son of Suvala declared that he would defeat the Pandavas and seize all the wealth of Pandavas through gambling.

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