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Chapter 66: Shishupala’s blasphemy and its consequences

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Bhishma’s revelation only irritated Shishupala further. He continued his scolding and mount insult upon insult on Krishna. Shishupala challenged Pandavas and Krishna for war.
Sri Krishna smiled at him. Krishna said that in keeping with his promise to his aunt, Saatvati, he had pardoned patiently and listened to a hundred insults. Krishna added that some of wrongs did by Shishupala includes,

He along with Jarasandha burnt out the Yadavas Capital City, Dwaraka.

He killed the Kings of Bhoja brutally, while spending their time with their wives on Raivatakaadri.
When Krishna’s father, Vasudeva was conducting Ashwamedha Yagna, he stole away the horse.
Shishupala abducted the wife of Babhru and married her.

Krishna then told to Shishupala, that he listened to a hundred insults from Shishupala and had pardoned him for those hundred wrongs. Now Shishupala challenged him so that Krishna is going to kill the brutal king, Shishupala. So saying, Krishna released his sudarshana disc and it flew at Shishupala and dismembered his head. With the killing of Shishupala, Rajasuya Yagna concluded and finished in a grant manner.

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