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Chapter 65: Three eyes and four hands of Shishupala

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Bhishma started to tell the story of Shishupala to the assembled guests.

Shishupala was son of Damaghosh, king of Chedi, by Saatvaki, sister of Vasudeva. Therefore he became the cousin of Krishna. Shishupala was born with three eyes and four hands and with donkey voice. Saatvaki and Damaghosha were very much frightened by the child’s appearance and behavior. At that time a divine voice from heavens was heard that child would get his normal body by the touch of a person, who was already born and also that person should be the killer of this baby. But not now, after the baby becomes a great king. The baby was named Shishupala. From then onwards, the parents of that baby were waiting for such a personality.

One day, Krishna and Balarama went to see their aunt’s boy. When Krishna lifted the boy, its extra eye and extra hands are vanished. The surprised Saatvaki requested Krishna not to kill Shishupala until he commits hundred wrongs. Krishna agreed and said that he would forgive Shishupala if he offended him a hundred times. By the years passed, Shishupala became an unkind and terrible monarch, causing suffering to his subject and other kings. His main habit is insulting none other than his deliverer.

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