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Chapter 63: Yudhisthira’s Rajasuya sacrifice

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On the day of the sacrifice, hundreds of Kshatriya kings from around the Bharatavarsha along with the members of Hastinapura turned up for the grand sacrifice. The prominent among them graced the occasion includes Bhishma, Dhritarashtra, Vidura, Dronacharya, Kripacharya, Balarama, Drupada, Ashwathama, Somadatta, Karna, Bhurishrava, Shalya, Sakuni, Jayadratha, Duryodhana, Dushasana, Subala, Virata, Bhagadatta and Vikarna. Yudhisthira received all the notables with due respect and made arrangements for their comfortable stay. People of four classes were also present at the venue. Yudhisthira appointed some of his dear visitors in various office charges. Brahmins and Ritwiks (Ritwik means priest who perform yajna) were also arrived to perform the yajna. Sages including Pail, Dhaumya, Yaajnavalkya, Susama, Veda Vyasa and the Saint Narada graced the event.
The members who took the charge for the event are as follows.

Yudhisthira deputed Kripacharya for making charities to Brahmins and Ritwiks.

Bhishma and Drona were deputed as Chief Executives and also for acting as a Helper.

Vidura was deputed for organizing and controlling the expenses.

Duryodhana was deputed as receiver of gifts and tributes from the kings.

Dushasana was deputed in the charge of the kitchen.

Aswatthama attended to the comfort of the Brahmins.

Sanjaya received the kings.

Yudhisthira then took the "Yajna Deeksha" and entered the sacrifice hall. In the sacrificial hall, Sage Paila and Dhaumya were fixed for performing the Rigveda ritviks, Yaajnavalkya for Yajurveda Ritvik, Susaama for Saamaveda Ritvik and Veda Vyasa was fixed as the Cheif Ritvik for all the Vedas. Saint Narada appeared and took the charge of chief patron. With the above arrangements, Rajasuya sacrifice started.

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