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Chapter 73: Duryodhana insults Vidura

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Vidura approached Duryodhana to call off the game in order to avoid rivalry between Pandavas and Kauravas. Duryodhana flashed like a hooded snake and replied Vidura that he had no voice as he was eating and drinking with kauravas money. Duryodhana added that Vidura is only a son to menial and have no status to advise him. Vidura became speechless on Duryodhana’s words and had been insulted for favoring Pandavas to avoid the rivalry. Duryodhana then warned Vidura to accept the game going on here, otherwise to walk out from the palace for his loyalty towards Pandavas.

Ignoring Duryodhana’s warning, Vidura contacted Dhritarashtra once again to stop the evil activities happening in the gambling hall. Vidura added that Duryodhana is now blinded by rage and always heeds to the wicked ideas of wicked people. It’s good to remember how the Andhakas, Yadavas and Bhojas united to put an end to Kamsa. Vidura then said to Dhritarashtra that it is his duty to tell the truth of future events forcibly. At last Vidura said once more that enmity with Pandavas is not good for Kauravas. So saying, Vidura sat down. Dhritarashtra was unmoved and remained silent on Vidura’s words.

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