Chapter 74: Yudhisthira wagers brothers and Draupadi

Even by that time, Yudhisthira became a slave to dice game. He stops thinking about good and bad. He put his complete kingdom as a bet and lost it. After the eleventh game, with all his assets gone, Yudhishtira did the ridiculous. He began wagering his own brothers, one by one. First the handsome Nakula, second the intellectual Sahadeva, then the archer Arjuna and finally the physically powerful Bhima. He lost all of them. He stakes himself in the game and lost. Still he refused to quit the gambling. Finally he staked the pandavas’s wife, Draupadi. Everyone in the gambling hall gasped. Duryodhana grinned and accepted the wager. Shakuni rolled the dice for the seventeenth time and said, ‘Hurrah! I have won’. Bhishma, Drona and Vidura who were watching these rapid progression, stayed speechless. Dushasana, Karna and Jayadratha were in thrilled and in mood.