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Chapter 77: Attempt to disrobe Draupadi

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The Pandava brothers removed their upper garments and sat with their heads dropped. Dushasana caught one end of the cloth Draupadi was draped in and started to pull at it. Closing her eyes, her palms joined in prayer, Draupadi cried, “Hey Krishna, thou protector of the weak and the faithful, see thou not the well into which we have fallen? See thou not how the Kauravas are humiliating us? Thou art our only salvation.” And Krishna heard her voice. Appearing in the scene but invisible to everyone, he covered his faithful devotee with many layers of clothes of different colours.

As the miscreant Dushasana tried to remove her scanty dress, Draupadi found herself draped once again in different apparel. Once more Dushasana pulled and yet again new apparel appeared on her. Soon there was a hillock of clothing as Dushasana, his energy giving way, continued in his attempt to disrobe the Panchali princess. Like a river flowing from its source, the clothing kept coming. Until Dushasana fell on the ground, exhausted and numb.

His eyes fiery and his countenance terrible, Bhima swore, “I shall one day kill this Dushasana who has caused blemish to the Bharata race. I shall tear his breast and drink his blood. If this happens not, let me not deserve to join my ancestors when I am dead.”

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