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Chapter 78: Karna's hurting words

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Karna urged Dushasana to drag the dishonoured princess away to where the workingwomen were lodged. He tauntingly told Draupadi that she should abandon her husbands and marry someone who would give her freedom and not gamble her away again. Draupadi stood up and turning to the elders, demanded of them an answer to her question, whether she was won by the Kauravas or not.

Bhishma squirmed in his seat and repeated what he had said before. He confessed that he did not know what was right and what was wrong.

 Draupadi’s question went a-begging. Vidura repeated that having himself become a slave, Yudhisthira had no authority to stake his wife.

Duryodhana jeered at Yudhisthira. “You who are knowledgeable in all departments, you tell the assembly that you have lost Panchali to me.” But Yudhisthira uttered not a word. Baring his left lap and showing it to Panchali, the wicked Duryodhana said that since Yudhisthira had failed to give an answer, let the other four answer the question.

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