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Chapter 79: Bhima’s vow

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Inflamed at Duryodhana’s gesture in showing his bare lap, the angry Bhima flared up once again and swore to the assembly, “When the great fight comes, I would break that offending thigh. If I failed to do so, may I not deserve salvation?”

When Duryodhana taunted the four brothers again to answer Draupadi’s question, Arjuna said that before the game started they were under the sway of Yudhisthira. Now that they have all become slaves, it was for the Kauravas and their king to decide. As he said this, the shrieking whine of a jackal issued from the king’s prayer room. Donkeys brayed and birds shrieked from all sides. Vidura, as well as Gandhari, read the omen very well. This was the signal that the Kauravas were on their way to doom, they thought.

Gloating over their success, Duryodhana and his friends left the hall.

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