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Chapter 80: Dhritarashtra is frightened

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Fear gripped the heart of Dhritarashtra as he heard these noises. He swore at Duryodhana for having brought about the ruin of the Kauravas. Turning to Draupadi, he told her in a conciliatory tone that he would grant her a boon.

Draupadi asked the king, “Let my husband Yudhisthira, the personification of truth, be freed from his bondage,” The king granted her wish and told Draupadi to seek a second boon. Draupadi desired her other four husbands should be freed from slavery as well. “Granted,” said Dhritarashtra, urging Draupadi to ask for a third boon. Draupadi declined. There was no need for a third boon. She said that her husbands could get back to their old glory, now that they were free.

Dhritarshtra told Yudhisthira, “You are now a free man. Go to Khandavaprastha and rule over your kingdom in peace. Forgive Duryodhana for his rashness. Let brotherly love be restored between you and your cousins.”

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