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Chapter 83: Pandavas vow again

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Whispers of “Fie unto Dhritarashtra’s sons” were heard. But Duryodhana and his intimates made no secret of their joy. The Pandava brothers removed their regalia and dressed themselves in deerskin, preparing to go to the forest.

Dushasana addressed the Panchali princess, “Pity unto Drupada who sacrificed his daughter to the worthless Pandavas. Now they are condemned to a miserable life. But thou, Panchali, need not follow them. Choose from those present here, a husband.”

Hearing these words of his cousin, an inflamed Bhima rose and reiterated his vow. “You wretch, riding as you do on the success of Shakuni, you are piercing our hearts with boastful words. I would soon pierce your heart in battle and drink your blood. May entry into my ancestors’ abode is denied to me if this vow is not fulfilled.”

As the Pandavas started, leaving the hall, Duryodhana walked with a swaying gait in imitation of Bhima. Noticing this, Bhima roared at the Kaurava prince, “Bide your time you wretch. The day is not far off when, with my mace, I would make you prostrate before me and place my foot on your head.”

Arjuna said, “As does my powerful brother, so do I swear to kill Karna in the great battle.” And Sahadeva said, “This Shakuni will fall unto my blows.”
 Vidura, after blessing the Pandavas, asked Yudhisthira to leave his mother, the venerable Kunti, in his care, till the period of exile was over. Yudhisthira bowed to his uncle’s wish.

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