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Chapter 84: Vidura describes Pandavas’ exit

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After the Pandavas and Draupadi had left, the blind Dhritarashtra called Vidura and asked him to describe their departure. This is what Vidura had to say.

The crowds on the way shout, ‘cursed are Dhritarashtra’s sons for bringing about this calamity to the faultless Pandavas’. Yudhisthira has his head covered, lest his angry glance may burn the people. Bhima is stretching his arms as if to say, these are ready to soon show their worth against the Kauravas. Arjuna goes scattering grains all around, indicating that his arrows will soon fly everywhere, seeking the Kauravas. The handsome Nakula has covered himself with dust so that the women may not look at him and sigh. Sahadeva has also besmeared himself, not desiring to be recognized on this day of his misfortune. As for the princess, she goes with only a piece of cloth covering her, as though to tell the women, in fourteen years so would you enter Hastinapura, weeping and wailing for your husbands dead in battle. The priest Dhaumya utters verses from Sama Veda relating to Yama, the Lord of Death.

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