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Chapter 86: Drona’s warning to Duryodhana

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Frightened by these omen, Duryodhana and his brothers prayed to Drona to protect them in the coming days. Drona assured them that he would, but added that the Pandavas were gods, and humans cannot kill them.

“In the next thirteen years,” Drona told Duryodhana, “the Pandavas would adopt strict celibacy, perform penance and seek more education. They would have become more formidable when they come back. My own death has been sealed with the birth of a son from the sacrificial fire of Drupada. Do what good you can during the period till the Pandvas returned.”

A distraught Dhritarashtra bade his attendant Sanjay recall the Pandavas. But before Sanjay could react, that wavering moment passed, and the king was caught once again in the web of his love for his first-born. He sighed and retired

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