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Chapter 88: The irresolute king

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At Hastinapura, brooding alone over the happenings of the past few days, King Dhritarashtra felt restless and desired conversation with someone near to him. He sent for Vidura and asked him, “Kshatta, I am disturbed at what has happened. You alone have the clear mind to tell me what is in store for us. Does destruction await us?”

In his characteristic adherence to truthful talk, Vidura replied, “O King. What your son has done to the Pandavas is certain to draw fearful consequences. Yet it is not too late to make amends. Make peace with the Pandavas and give them back their kingdom. Knowing Yudhisthira, I am confident that he will forgive his vicious cousin for all his misdeeds. The two families should live in peace and amity with each other.”

Advice such as this tasted bitter to the king who could find no fault with his son. He became angry with Vidura and told him, “Truly Kshatta, you are like an unfaithful wife. Stay here and accept things or go away.”

Saddened by the king’s rude words, Vidura left Hastinapura. He knew where the Pandavas had gone and made that his destination. News of Vidura’s departure was received with great joy by Duryodhana and his cohorts.

The sons of Pandu had moved from the banks of the river Ganga to the forest known as Kamyaka. As Vidura reached the Pandava camp, an overjoyed Yudhisthira welcomed him with respect and the two were engaged in fruitful conversation.

As`soon as Vidura had left Hastinapura, the king was smitten with repentance at his treatment of his brother. He fell down in a swoon. On being revived, he bade his faithful servant Sanjaya to immediately follow Vidura and bring him back. Sanjaya soon brought Vidura back, much to the consolation of the king.

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