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Chapter 89: Duryodhana desires to kill the Pandavas

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The return to favour of Vidura was a subject discussed by Duryodhana and his confederates with great concern. Duryodhana was afraid that his uncle would try to influence the king in favor of the Pandavas and succeed in bringing the Pandavas back. Karna suggested that the best solution would be to chase the Pandavas and kill them. This suggestion greatly appealed to Duryodhana. Once the Pandavas were dead, Duryodhana thought, he could rule his country without any fear. He immediately raised an army with Karna’s assistance and set out towards the Pandavas’ quarter in Kamyaka.

Vyasa observed Duryadhana’s action through his mental powers and accosted the prince on the way. He stopped Duryodhana and strongly admonished him for his ill-advised move. Duryodhana had no choice but to call off his expedition and return to Hastinapura. Vyasa then called on the king and warned him against any move of Duryodhana to attack the Pandavas. “Even now, stripped of their kingdom, they are more than a match to your evil-minded son,” he told the king.

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