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Chapter 90: Duryodhana collects a curse

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Even as Vyasa left for his abode in the forest, the sage Maitreya arrived at the Kaurava capital. He was received in the court by the king and duly honored with a seat. The sage expressed his dissatisfaction over the injustice done to the Pandavas and urged the king to recall them.

The sage said, “O King! What has happened can never be justified. Moreover, the Pandavas, if not recalled, would return after thirteen years, stronger and merciless.”

Listening to the sage, Duryodhana slapped his thigh and scratched the ground with his foot, showing his impatience and disrespect for the venerable seer. The enraged sage cursed that the mighty Bhima would break the insolent prince’s thigh when war came. A frightened king pleaded with Maitreya to forgive his son. Maitreya said, “My curse will happen, unless you recall the Pandavas and restore to them their kingdom.” So saying he walked out, his anger not a bit abated.

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