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Chapter 91: Bhima kills Bakasura’s brother

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News just then arrived at Hastinapura of the killing of Kirmira, the brother of the Rakshasa Bakasura, by Bhima. The king asked Vidura to give him an account of the event.

Vidura said, “Pandu’s sons, after their expulsion from Hastinapura, traveled three days before reaching the Kamyaka forest. At dead of night, when they were asleep under a tree, there appeared before them a fearful looking rakshasa, a cannibal, Kirmira by name. This Kirmira was the brother of Bakasura, the monster that Bhima killed on an earlier occasion. Recognizing Bhima, the rakshasa wanted to kill Bhima to avenge his brother’s death. A fierce battle took place between Kirmira and Bhima. In the end, by sheer might, the illustrious Pandava strongman killed that terror of the forest. I saw the huge body of the slain rakshasa lying in the forest, when on my way to the Pandavas’ dwelling.”

The story, reflecting the Pandavas’ might, only added to Dhritarashtra’s misery, while Duryodhana was deeply perturbed.

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