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Chapter 92: Salwa’s action brings his own doom

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Many were the visitors to the humble dwelling of the Pandava heroes at Kamyaka. Their cousins, the Bhojas, the Vrishnis, Krishna among them, and the Andhakas as well as other relatives like Drupada and the king of Chedi, visited them.

Krishna, during a visit, was discussing the plight of the Pandavas, when he expressed his anger at the Kauravas’ behaviour. Arjuna pacified him. In good time, he said, with Krishna’s blessing, their difficult days would come to an end.

Krishna said that had he been present at Hastinapura on that fateful day, he would have prevented the Kauravas’ deceitful dice game. “It was during that time that I was chasing Salwa to his capital in order to end his life.” he said.

Krishna related to the Pandavas, the Vrishnis’ battle with Salwa. He said, “Salwa, the king of Saubha, deciding to avenge the death of Shishupala, ‘his brother-king’, marched on Dwaraka even before I could return from Indraprastha after the Rajasuya sacrifice.

“When I reached Dwaraka, I found that Salwa had already killed many of the eminent Vrishni warriors. He had caused widespread destruction to Dwaraka and was returning triumphantly to Saubha. Angered by the scene, I chased the villain. I finally caught up with him in an island in the ocean. A fierce battle took place when the host of Saubha’s Danava warriors adopted various tactics including illusion. After dispelling them all, I finally released my Sudarshan disc, a weapon capable of destroying the mightiest of enemies. It killed Salwa and returned to me. I learnt of the events in Hastinapura only on my return to Dwaraka after Salwa had been despatched.”

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