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Chapter 95: Arjuna meets Indra

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Equipped with the Mantra received from Yudhisthira, Arjuna made his way to the Himalayas. Fully armed, with the Gandiva bow in his hand, Arjuna looked resplendent when he reached Indrakila, the region of Indra. A thin, emaciated ascetic stopped him and asked, “Who are you? Why are you armed to your fingernail? You have entered the region where there is no need for fighting. Disarm and seek bliss. Choose any celestial region you desire and live there forever.”

Arjuna refused to disarm. “I have no desire to become a celestial. I have a mission to avenge the insults heaped on me and my brothers by the son of Dhritarashtra. Besides, I cannot forsake my brothers who wait for me at Kamyaka.” The ascetic at once revealed himself to be the god Indra. Paying his respect to the god, Arjuna said, “It is to meet you that I came here. I seek from you your weapons.”

Indra replied, “I am aware of your mission. All my weapons are available for you. But you must first do penance to the greatest of gods, Siva. I shall give you my weapons only if you are able to see him.” With this, the god departed.

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