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Chapter 97: Siva gives Arjuna the Pasupata

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Even as Arjuna was praying, to his surprise, the Kirata appeared, with the wreath on his head. Arjuna realized that he was in the presence of none other than Lord Maheswara himself. He prostrated before the god and prayed forgiveness for his conduct in attacking him. The god raised him with his arms and embraced him, this time in love.

The mightily pleased Lord of the Mountains heard from Arjuna of his desire to possess arms that could counter the heroes Bhishma, Drona and Kripa. The god told him, “I know you to be the rishi Nara of old who, with Narayana, protected the world from the demons. I shall give you that favourite weapon of mine, Pasupata, the knowledge of which no human or celestial has. It should be used only against a superior foe. Wrongly used, it might destroy the entire universe.” The god then imparted to Arjuna, the knowledge of the use of the weapon.

It was thus that Lord Siva blessed Arjuna with the holy weapon, the mere touch of which purified the prince. The god returned the Gandiva to Arjuna. The two quivers were also restored of their magical quality. “Go now to heaven,” he commanded the devotee who stood with his head bowed and left to his abode in the company of Uma.

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