Chapter 101: Arjuna subdues the Nivata-Kavachas

The Danavas, Nivata-Kavachas, were demons opposed to the gods. The gods found them growing in strength day by day. Numbering thirty million, they lived in the ocean depths. Indra told Arjuna, “As your preceptor, I demand from you my fees. You should undertake a campaign against my enemies, the Nivata-Kavachas. You must destroy them and free the gods from fear of those demons.” Arjuna cheerfully accepted the task. The god gave him the standard war accessory, a conch, Devadatta, the blowing of which could inspire fear in enemies.

Arjuna was taken to the region of the Nivata-Kavachas in Indra’s chariot, driven by Matali. Arjuna successfully destroyed their might and stormed their city, Hiranyapura.