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Chapter 99: Arjuna reaches Indra’s hall

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Soon after the gods left, Indra’s car, huge and splendid, drawn by ten thousand horses of golden hue, arrived. The charioteer, Matali, conveyed Indra’s wish that Arjuna be brought to his court. As Arjuna mounted it, the car flying Indra’s flag and capable of traveling like wind, transported the great warrior to the court of Indra.

When he arrived at Amaravati, Indra’s city, Arjuna was greeted by apsaras and Gandharvas to the chanting of verses by Siddhas and Rishis. As he reached the great hall of Indra, the lord of thunderbolt himself welcomed him. He proudly led his son to his throne and sat him by his side. The divine ladies Gritachi, Rambha, Urvasi, Swayamprabha and many others danced and sang in the court. The splendid Indra instructed the celestial artist Chitrasena to teach Arjuna dance and music.

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