Chapter 103: Pandavas plan pilgrimage

The sage Narada made a visit to the Pandava abode when he talked to them about the pilgrimage their grandsire Bhishma undertook on the advice of the sage Pulastya. Narada described the various places Bhishma had visited, along with their location and history. After Narada’s departure, Yudhisthira expressed to his priest Dhaumya his desire to undertake a long pilgrimage to the various holy spots in emulation of Bhishma. Supporting the idea, Dhaumya also gave a discourse to Yudhisthira about the various places of pilgrimage. The sage Lomasa upon the request from Arjuna, arrived from Indra’s court at this time and it was decided that he should accompany them and explain to them the glory of each spot that they visited.

Yudhisthira called all the brahmins and the others he was supporting and told them of his plan to undertake a pilgrimage along with the other Pandavas. A few who were strong enough joined them. As for the others, he arranged to send them to the court of Dhritarashtra where they were looked after very well.