A traitor in the Pandava camp

Chapter 107: A traitor in the Pandava camp

Jatasura, a rakshasa, had assumed the form of a brahmin and was living in the Pandava hermitage on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. He was waiting for an opportunity to steal the bows and other weapons the Pandavas had, and to ravish Draupadi. Such an opportunity presented itself when, one day, Bhima was away from the hermitage. Jatasura captured Yudhisthira, Draupadi, Nakula and Sahadeva, and tried to carry them away. However, Bhima returned in time to combat the rakshasa and kill him.

Chapter 108: Arjuna returns

When Arjuna embarked on his quest for weapons, it was the understanding that he would return after five years. That period was coming to an end. Yudhisthira, with his entourage, was waiting with expectation in the Himalayan range to receive his brother. Arjuna arrived in Indra’s own chariot, driven by the charioteer Matali. It was a glorious sight when, from the resplendent car of the god, Arjuna alighted majestically. Indra himself made an appearance. He left after blessing the Pandavas.

Arjuna recounted to the others, his meeting with Mahadeva and his visit to Indra’s court.

To satisfy Yudhisthira’s desire, Arjuna displayed all the weapons that he had acquired from Mahadeva and other gods.
 The next four years were spent by the Pandavas in the same forest, living as they did in an abode provided for them by Indra. The four years passed pleasantly like four nights. Realising those ten years of their exile had passed; the Pandavas left the region of Indra and came back to terra firma. On the way to Dwaitavana they spent one year at Visakayupa on the banks of Yamuna.