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How to add custom domain to blogger in 2021 (Godaddy)?

  How to add custom domain to blogger in 2021 (Godaddy)   If you are a beginner in Blogging and want to learn how to add custom domain from godaddy to blogger, then please follow the following steps to setup custom domain on blogger. Everyone knows that the Blogger/Blogspot is a free platform provided by the Google. Here we doesn’t want any investment for starting a blog, which is absolutely free of cost. Google’s provides you a free sub domain from and also the hosting. If you want a custom domain, then start a blog/website in by creating a new blogger account using a gmail account and set up a custom domain in blogger and redirect blogger to a custom domain.   What is a custom domain?   A custom domain is a unique recognized name that identifies a website. It is divided into three parts as prefix (www), domain name (IP address) and suffix (top level domain). The www stands for world wide web, which is the pre-fix on a URL. Every websi

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization - a Guide for Absolute Beginners Search Engine Optimization is a technique of increasing the quantity and quality of web traffic to your blog/website (can be dynamic or static) through organic search engine results. To realize the exact meaning of Search Engine Optimization, take a look at the following.   What is Quality of traffic?   Quality of traffic means the right traffic coming to your website. You can attract so many visitors to your website from different parts of the world through search engines. If any visitor lands your e-commerce website for buying apple computers, but really you're a farmer selling apples. This is because search engines tell that your website is selling apple computers. So here the traffic is not quality traffic. Instead you want to attract the audience who are really interested in products that you offer.   What is Quantity of traffic?   Once your website found positions in the top of searc